One Ball Pool is an amazing game of skill. What's the best part of a game of pool? Why, the very end when all the other balls have gone, and there's just the damn 8 ball to get rid of. Equipped with a single cue ball, can you get the 🙂 ball into a pocket and win? Or will you get the cue ball into a pocket and lose?

This game was created in about 6 hours for the 2019 GMTK Jam.

How to Play

Aim the ball with the left and right arrow keys - the red line shows the direction the ball will move in. Change the power of your shot with the up and down arrow keys. Hit the ball with the X key.

Get the 🙂 in a pocket to win. Try to do it in as few shots as possible.

Can you activate super insanity physics mode where the two balls get stuck together and rattle around the screen at an unbeliveable rate? I bet you can!

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